Have You Met Karena Kilcoyne?

29339_533833006627570_1329753822_nThere are tons of creative and independent blog writers out there and today we want to share one of them with you! Karena Kilcoyne, a fabulous Skin NV client and talented blogger. She authors her own blog she created called Karousing.com which focuses on the fun, sexy, spiritual exploration of life!

582453_549839378360266_1798617604_nIt truly is a journey exploring many things with Karena ranging from “style chasers and movie makers to anti-aging gurus and emotional healers,” as she states. Karousing is a source of exploration and adventure where you can learn new things from every post she publishes. We particularly enjoy when she artfully explores many interesting beauty, Botox, dermatology, health and fashion topics!

Get ready to start Karousing with Karena Kilcoyne at Karousing.com and “like” her on Facebook too. “You can begin discovering all sorts of new ideas and see the world a different way. That is what Karousing is all about.”


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