Need a Great Holiday Gift Idea? Introducing Li Lash at Skin NV!

lilash_text2For only $79.99 LiLash makes a great holiday gift. As the world’s most popular purified eyelash serum, LiLash gives you the sexy lashes you have always dreamed of having. Stop sampling every promise of lash boosting, length enhancing, volumizing shelved lash product and start seeing longer, stronger eyelashes that are naturally yours!

Using a unique formula that both fortifies and conditions your lash follicles, LiLash effortlessly enhances the natural beauty of your eyelashes. Grow natural looking lashes, without the mess! No chaotic glue or tedious application of fake lashes is needed when using luxurious LiLash. Just a touch of your own mascara to compliment LiLash and you are out the door! While working to enhance the look of your eyelashes, LiLash is also strengthening and conditioning the roots of your lashes to ensure the reduction of lash breakage.

To use, apply once a day, morning or evening, to clean dry skin and allow it to dry for 2 to 3 minutes before applying your mascara, or other cosmetics. Simply apply the applicator to the skin of the upper eyelid along the lash line from inner to outer corner of the eye. LiLash is highly concentrated so only one small sweep is needed for your best lashes!

Be original this holiday season and give the gift of beauty and confidence! LiLash is something your friend or family member won’t think to buy for themselves and those are the kinds of gifts that are most appreciated. Get your LiLash product at Skin NV today and be sure to check out our other impressive lines of products that make great gifts too! Happy Holidays!


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