Why Radiesse? Here’s why!

Why Radiesse? Radiesse is placed deeper into the tissue than other dermal fillers, making it more effective more quickly and with longer lasting results. Sounds like a winner, right? We think so! Think of Radiesse as a comfortable, firm and supportive mattress lifting your natural tissue up from underneath your skin. Whereas most other fillers act as a “sheet,” simply laying on top more superficially leaving that fake and puffy look that everyone tries to (and should) avoid.

Why Radiesse? Radiesse can be used in the form of “layering” where a practitioner puts Radiesse deep down in your skin and then layers a Restylane or Juvederm treatment on top to minimize surface lines because these products are beautifully compatible with Radiesse.

Why Radiesse? Because at Skin NV, until the end of December,  Radiesse is on special! $50 off the first syringe and $150 off the second!

Why Radiesse?

  • Immediately replenishes lost volume
  • Stimulates the production of your own natural collagen
  • Long-lasting results ( a year or more in many patients)
  • FDA approved to mix with lidocaine to significantly reduce injection related pain
  • Quick, comfortable and convenient
  • Immediately visible results

Experience what millions worldwide have and begin your journey towards a naturally, more refreshed you today. Call to book your Radiesse treatment with one of our friendly and professional Skin NV physicians, today!


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