Acne Mask by Dermaceutic

Do you want a simple and easy solution for fresh and replenished looking skin? We have your answer! The acne mask by Dermaceutic works to benefit your face in several ways. Anti-aging, oil reducing and acne calming properties make this mask one of our favorites!

Why should you take it home today? This mask removes impurities and dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling smooth and clean, as well as helps control oily skin and excess sebum. The formula of glycolic acid exfoliates the skin while the Bentonite acts as an absorbent to help trap the oil within your skins pores.

The application of this mask is easy! Simply apply evenly to the face and neck area after fully cleansing with the Foamer 15 product.

Many of the other brand names, non-professional products found on the shelves at your local grocery or pharmacy are not as efficient or effective as the Dermaceutic acne mask because they do not work to sooth and complement your skin. Harsh flavors, scents and beads easily irritate and work in reverse for the effects of smooth and breathable skin. Give this a try and you’ll notice results!


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