Celfix DNA: Sunscreen is Not Enough!

Single-strand and double-strand DNA damage


These products are truly amazing! The Celfix DNA Youth Recovery Serum should be used by anyone who has damaged skin from the suns harsh rays, which is EVERYONE because no sunscreen is 100% effective.


As many of our blogs have discussed before, damaged DNA causes release of compounds that destroy collagen and elastin, which accelerates skin aging. Luckily, Celfix DNA fixes and repairs DNA enzymes and is clinically proven to reduce those icky compounds that destroy our naturally beautiful skin – buh-bye damage!


Celfix DNA slows the visible fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin and age spots that we all despise seeing appear without our permission! The best part? This magical product can be added to ANY skin care regimen, so you don’t have to change your daily routine. Just add this little wonder in and we promise you visible results you will love!


Celfix DNA repair does not just help our past sun damage. It helps us fight future damage! This super fighting skin hero contains 3 DNA repair enzymes that deliver such visible results. Photolayse, peptides, caffeine and more are all a part of the patented technology made to help us look great!


Life is busy and we could use help anywhere we can get it! Make the smart choice to help your skin today by inquiring about your Celfix DNA recovery serum available at Skin NV.



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