Blunt-tipped Cannulas

Blunt-tipped cannulas are emerging as the tool of choice for several dermal filler indications.

The majority of practitioners use standard needles to inject cosmetic fillers. However, repeatedly injecting patients with larger gauge needles in any pattern causes vascular trauma and, consequently, post-procedure bruising and swelling.

The evolution of the needle to the micro-cannula is so significant that three manufacturers- DermaSculpt (, Air-Tite ( , and Magic Needle ( leaped into the marketplace to fill the gap.

Now, injection tools are advancing (along with the fillers themselves) to offer better outcomes. For example, the use of blunt-tipped cannulas allows practitioners to reduce vascular trauma and bruising without sacrificing results.

The concept is brilliantly simple: physicians use a pilot needle to pierce the skin. The needle is left in the skin for one minute to allow for coagulation. Then it is removed and replaced with a hollow-tube, blunt-tip cannula to inject the filler material.

One area the micro-cannula is clearly superior for cosmetic filler enhancements are in the lips. The micro-cannula, however, is not the best choice in all cosmetic injectable applications and locations.

In summary, the micro-cannula revolution has begun, and we are only beginning to write the book on what we can-and cannot- do with this new injection tool!


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