Belotero Brings Big Benefits – And is FDA Approved!

Belotero receives a warm welcome to the filler market. As the world’s first monophasic hyaluronic acid dermal filler based on patented cross-linking technology, Belotero is surely not just another HA-based filler product.

First, Belotero’s chemical structure is different from other HA-based fillers and has a uniform particle size. This makes Belotero stand out from other packaged products that usually can warn against the Tyndall effect (blue discoloration at injection site). In fact, as Belotero is injected into fine lines of the skin they can disappear immediately. Belotero’s ability to avoid all possibilities of the Tyndall effect especially comes in handy when applying filler around the eyes, as this area is most susceptible and noticeable to the effects of Tyndall because of the thinness of the skin.

Additionally with other filler products, swelling and bruising at the injection sites can occur. Belotero requires no special injection technique and is no more expensive than current products on the market. The biggest strength of Belotero is that it is thin enough to be injected into the skin and can be more precisely placed in superficial lines and wrinkles.


Ideal applications include fine lines, especially those around the eyes and lips. It can also be used for the neckline (a traditionally tricky area to treat). It is important to understand that it only works when injected superficially and is not to be used as a volumizer.

The duration of the fillers effects depends on the injection location, but Belotero can last longer around the eyes (as long as a year) than around the mouth or in the neck where there is more muscle movement.

Find out more about how Belotero softens and smoothes lines and wrinkles like no other filler – call to speak with your local Skin NV physician today at 813.839.4141.


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