We are in love! The magic eraser for fine lines and wrinkles, while being gentle on the skin is here – Vivatia! With a special foam technology, it allows sensitive patients the ability to use retinol.

This easy to use 3-piece core maintenance line of products all comes at an affordable price-point and allows you to purchase the entire kit or just purchase individual pieces. Patients seeking an anti-aging system that delivers visible improvements in skin tone, texture, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles are guaranteed to love this line. Vivatia can be used pre and post procedures, year-round and on any skin type, including those with sensitive skin who may not have tolerated other systems!

The Vivatia Foam Technology:

  1. Reduces irritation
  2. Improves absorption
  3. Delivers higher levels of ingredients
  4. Delivers unique ingredient Combinations

How does the foam technology of Vivatia really work?

First, Macro-encapsulation is one way Vivatia is different from traditional skin care formulas. The foam segregates actives depending on if they are oil soluble (emollient) or water soluble (humectants) which protects the ingredients from interacting and becoming less effective and keeps ingredients from clumping which can cause irritation.

Second, oxygen and a light-free environment help to activate the foam technology of Vivatia. The foam is manufactured and stored in an oxygen and light free environment, which keeps ingredients from breaking down and becoming less effective and allows higher levels of unique combinations of ingredients to be used.

Lastly, moisturizer and skin barrier repair ingredients are a component of the Vivatia foam technology. More than 10% of the ingredients in our retinol foams are skin barrier repair ingredients to improve absorption, reduce irritation, and build healthier skin over time, as well as improves absorption and Hydration.

Vivatia gives visible results! Dramatic improvements in fine lines, firmness, pigmentation, skin texture with strong clinical and photographic evidence can be seen in just 2-4 weeks. Get tough on aging while being gentle on your skin with Vivatia today! Purchase yours at Skin NV now!


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