It is Always Summer in Florida!

In most places across the nation the autumn leaves are beginning to pile up, the coats are being dug out and small stints of crisp air are starting to say hello, but not in Florida. Still though, we are likely to forget about sunscreen and sun damage, wrinkles, sunspots and skin cancer during our “winter” months and this needs second thought.

We understand that summer sunscreen is traditionally thought as an extremely thick and creamy consistency, leaving our skin suffocated. MD solar sciences has revolutionized this idea of thick and creamy sunscreen and has made a mineral based, fragrance-free sunscreen product that does not take an extensive amount of time to rub into the skin. This means goodbye creamy white mess and hello to an easier, more elegant solution that can be utilized year round!

MD Solar Sciences Features:


  • UVB radiation decreases during the winter months but dangerous UVA radiation is still in full force!
  • Sun damage is cumulative.
  • Cloudy weather does not offer much protection – up to 80% of UV radiation can penetrate this deceptive cover and cause harm to your skin.


  • Wear a full spectrum spf 30 face sunscreen everyday even when overcast on face and lips
  • No tanning beds – they are artificial UVA radiation that are commonly known carcinogen and may trigger skin conditions and reduce the capacity of the immune system.
  • Pay attention to early signs of sun damage and take precautionary steps. Wear good sunglasses with UV coating on lenses, large enough to cover some skin around the eyes to protect from UV rays.
  • Protect skin and eyes from looking aged and sun damaged through proper moisturizer.

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