The Milk Peel

The milk peel. Sounds harmless enough, right? The Milk peel is a super simple, but super effective treatment that we love introducing to patients because of its ease of use and visible results.

The milk peel is for anyone wanting to look and feel younger…so it is for everyone! Those who want more radiant skin, or are prone to oil and acne should especially consider this wonder treatment.

Milk peels visibly improve the skins tone and texture by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Not only do you receive smoother and softer skin after a milk peel, but also you take a 30-day home care product with you.  For the cost of only $200 with the 2 months of home care products included, it’s a great price you shouldn’t resist!

More specifically, each milk peel treatment takes a short 15-30 minutes and yields visible results because its combination of hydroxyl and beta hydroxyl acids. These acids work at 3 levels of your skin to maximize skin cell turnover and result in a healthier, more vitalized you!

Firstly, your skin is cleaned with a special pre-peel cleanser and then the peel is applied all over the area and left for a few minutes to take effect. During the application time, you feel a slight tingling sensation meaning that the product is working well on your skin. Once the time is up, the product is removed and your skin will look immediately refreshed, but the real rejuvenating effect will come out progressively. To improve the results, you will use the personal home care package provided to you by Skin NV! We look forward to helping you with your skin care goals and assisting you further with your needs, so give us a call today!


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