What Goes First? The “How To” On Layering Products



Cosmetics (Photo credit: My Sight, as You See.)

Who knew there was a specific order for facial product application? It makes perfect sense! Just as layering clothing can keep you warm in the winter, layering makeup can give you better, smoother looking skin.

After cleansing, layer like so:

This order may be hard to recall early in the morning, so just remember to apply lighter feeling products first and heavier products last.

Treatments should always go on first. Layering treatments first maximizes their absorption by your skin and increases their effectiveness. Sunscreen, on the other hand, must always go on after moisturizer but before makeup. If you have the time, try and wait around 15 minutes before moving on to your moisturizer stage. This will give your skin enough time to absorb its treatment.

Moisturizers go on after treatment products, followed by sunscreen. For sunscreen, you want to wait 30 minutes after applying to put on anything else so a protective UV shield on your face forms.

Makeup is the grand finale! After the previous 3 layers are all set you should find that your makeup application is as smooth as butter!



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