You Get What You Pay For: The Consequences of Cheap Botox

Botox accounts for millions of cosmetic facial injections each year in the U.S. due to its tremendous effectiveness at reducing forehead furrows, the appearance of crow’s feet, and softening smile lines.

At such high demand, due to its excellent benefits, many people make the mistake of jumping at discounted Botox frauds. These bargain prices and opportunities coming from various doctors, spas, websites and more consequently produce unappealing results.

Unqualified injectors have made many recent stories of patients suffering from an unprofessional injector.

  • In New Jersey, a doctor injected hydrogel into six women’s buttocks, resulting in permanent damage to the area and life threatening surgery.
  • A woman in Texas was arrested for selling Botox kits from her basement and injecting herself.
  • House calls using Botox, Botox-like products, silicone or other facial fillers have many patients assume that a person injecting them is qualified to inject them.

Don’t Let Just Anyone Stick You!

Our advice is if it seems too good to be true, it usually is! While we love a good deal we find it important to note that some products and services cannot and should not be discounted.

Botox at a significant discount means:

  • It is over-diluted
  • The provider is not qualified or trained in facial anatomy.
  • Unethical administration by an ill-trained supplier who is not trained well enough to offer services that may be more beneficial for your needs.

Cheap or discount Botox is widely available in many cities and is coming from unregulated foreign countries who make such “deals” possible by using over-diluted Botox.

The variations in cost are based on:

  • Diagnosis of area needing rejuvenation
  • Use of right facial filler/amount of Botox
  • Placement of Botox and facial filler
  • Correct follow up

What you save in treatment dollars is at the cost of value and expertise.

Outside injector experiences only lead to:

  • Improper dosage
  • Poor filler location
  • Lackluster results or an over-injected appearance

If you are ready for your radical wrinkle reduction let the Skin NV PROFESSIONALS share our complete skin care expertise with you. After a short treatment and a few tiny injections, you will see a noticeable improvement in moderate to severe facial lines with in just a matter of days. Want more information? Call us at 813.839.4141 today!


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