It’s “Bro-tox” man.

Men, welcome to the era of “brotox.”

There is an epidemic happening. A trending male beauty movement that has men everywhere at salons, spas, beauty counters and more has redefined the rules of primping and grooming. It is no longer for women only. Today, men are increasingly concerned about their image.

In defense, many claim that in a competitive economy it is smart to utilize every asset to outdo the competitor. Image certainly comes into play when being considered. It is clear that employers look for refined, clean and presentable employees, both men and women. With so many tools and services a phone call or e-mail away, men are realizing what is at their disposal and how it can help them achieve larger goals.

Have an interview coming up? Schedule a quick Dysport appointment to smooth and perfect skins appearance. Wanting to be noticed by a cute co-worker? Fit in a quick lift for both a boost in confidence and your skin. With more men participating in these activities there is no more embarrassment factor in men primping themselves. In fact, spas and dermatologists are preparing and expecting male clients now.

Got Botox?

In this image era, it is difficult to avoid any desire to perfect, change or experiment with your appearance. Long gone are the days when only women are allowed to obsess and fixate on obtaining the perfect image. Men now make up nearly a third of all spagoers, according to the International Spa Association.  Many  spas and similar venues have learned how to create a gender-neutral atmosphere where both men and women feel comfortable and have culturally become so mainstream that they don’t seem like something for women anymore.

Skin NV does offer most of the services men are highly demanding. Botox, Dysport, facial fillers, tightening agents, fat reducers and more are readily available services from your Skin NV professionals. If you or any male you know is ready to join the trend, you heard it hear that this bro-tastic trend is on the rise! Men, consider this your VIP invite to explore the new world of feeling and looking your best!


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