7 Simple and Quick Steps Leaving You Flaunting Your Fingers and Toes:

You know the importance of a daily face regimen. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that your hands and feet deserve the same attention in order to look and feel healthy. During the up and coming hot, summer months, it is important to note the visible health of your fingers and toes. Doing so now can have long-lasting health benefits and who doesn’t love that?

1. Scan nails for dark spots.

Small white spots on your nails (leukonychia) arise from an injury to the base of the nail. If the spot is black, brown or purple It could mean melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer.

2. Keep nails growing strong.

New cells develop deep under cuticles and push out older, dead cells. Waiting for your nails to grow out? Try the b-complex vitamin biotin.

3. Make the most of a mani-pedi.

The most important tip for healthy nails: Do not share files and other nail tools, since germs and fungus can travel on them, causing serious infections. We suggest bringing your own file, clipper and cuticle nipper to your local salon. They will not mind your being health conscious!

4. Don’t overlook cuticles.

Hydrating with a cuticle cream or hand moisturizer helps create a protective barrier against bacteria, fungus and yeast.

5. Choose the right moisturizer.

Wind and cold temperatures dry out skin on hands and can cause chapping and painful cracks.

Cover exposed hands in SPF 15 to protect against water loss and harmful rays. Look for hydrating ingredients such as:


• Petrolatum

• Glycerin

6. Wear the right shoe size.

Small shoes do more than cause discomfort, they can make your toenail grow into the surrounding skin and cause a painful ingrown nail.

7. Don’t go barefoot in public.

Keep your shoes on while at public places (swimming pools, locker rooms, shoe stores, etc.) to avoid nail fungal infections.

At Skin NV we believe in skin health everywhere! Remember those delicate toes and fingers need attention too!


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