Tampa Bay Rays look to Skin NV for the Assist

Skin NV physicians pictured with Matt Joyce of the Tampa Bay Rays: Clearly not only the best team, but the best looking team!

Skin NV tallies a high batting average when it comes to offering exclusive treatment. Only Skin NV offers Fraxel Duel 1550/1927, treating hyperpigmentation and melasma. From Thermage CPT, to fillers, to botox, Skin NV has the bases loaded with a full range of products and services. At Skin NV you’re always an MVP.

What do the Tampa Bay Rays have in common with South Tampa’s Skin NV? They shut out the competition. Tampa Bay Rays player Matt Joyce enjoys regular trips to South Tampa Skin NV! How is that for a curve-ball? Radiant skin looks good both on and off the field.  Skin NV always makes the triple play when it comes to radiant and healthy skin. With professional staff, medical expertise and quality service, the Tampa Bay Rays know where to run for their skin needs.

Pick up your copy of South Tampa Magazine today to see our feature, or visit http://www.southtampamagazine.com/adv/SkinNV.html.


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