Eat to Prevent Sun Damage

Before you hop in the car to drive to your nearest all-you-can-eat buffet, read more from Skin NV about how what you eat can aid in the battle against harsh sun damage.

Even though we’re not prescribing potato-couching-it all day with a box of gourmet chocolates an arms reach away (trust us, we wish we were too), we are unveiling three miracle ingredients you can include in your daily diet to improve your skins chance of fighting off intense UV rays….and chocolate IS one of them!

Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants, which tells your skin “hey, stop absorbing all those bad UV rays!” All that’s recommended is a 3-ounce bar, or cocoa powder a day. Best with milk!

The second ingredient to the rescue is tomatoes. It’s simple, to prevent looking like a tomato, eat one! Just like dark chocolate, tomato’s have antioxidants too. To double your efforts, cooked tomatoes are recommended. If this is license to eat a pizza, we’re in!

It just keeps getting better…the third ingredient for your skins protection? Coffee.

Those who drink caffeine are less likely to develop
basal-cell carcinoma, compared to those who do not.  The required amount is 24 oz. a day…so go ahead and order that large frappuccino.

Usually tips and tricks can be a hassle to remember to include into your daily routine, but we find this advice super doable! Don’t you? See you in the chocolate aisle…


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