Skin NV Trivia Time! Did You Know?

Skin NV skin trivia can help to inform and equip you with the knowledge you need to have healthy and happy skin! You only get one body, so be smart and treat it right.

Always wear a seat-belt and protective SPF.

Did you know that your daily commute affects your chances of skin cancer? Skin cancer is more common on the left side of your body due to your cheeks, chest, arms and legs receiving more sun while driving regularly. Whether the window is up or down, you could be affected by the strength of the sun’s rays. Crazy, right? We cannot stress enough the importance of everyday sun protection. Try keeping a travel size tube of facial SPF in your car.

Did you know that regularly tanning could lead to being an addiction without you meaning for it to? Just like a nicotine addiction, frequent tanners need the feeling received from UV rays. The brain learns to yearn for this type of exposure. Skin NV’s advice is to stay away from this dangerous addiction in the first place and stick to topical self-tanners. There is no shame in being a smart about how you bronze!

Don't skimp on SPF.

Did you knowthat your “sun kissed freckles” are actually a result of where your body was neglected the proper amount of SPF? Trails and patches of freckles are telltale signs of your skin telling you that it is damaged.  Do not forget to rub your SPF in thoroughly and plentifully before stepping outside to avoid these little stinkers sneaking up on you.

Did you know that indoor tanning booths give you 10 to 15 times the intensity of the normal sun? Ouch! We can almost hear your poor skin sizzling with cancer. Indoor tanning make your chances of being a victim of skin cancer rise to a whopping 69%. You do not have to be a genius to figure out that having a tan complexion is just not worth those odds.

Did you know you can get sun damage when you least expect it? Sitting under an umbrella, being out on a cloudy day, or wearing a long garment unfortunately does not exclude you from being a target to the sun. Additionally, underneath your nails, on your eyelids and under tattoos are all areas that are susceptible to sunspots. We do not mean to scare you, but a reality check never hurt anyone.

Protect yourself while flying.

Lastly, and most surprisingly, did you know that serious skin damage could occur while on an airplane? Being inside an aircraft does not mean much if you are sitting next to an open window with no protective SPF on. Just think of how much closer you are in proximity to the suns damaging rays. We know applying sticky, smelly SPF is the last thought on traveler’s minds before boarding a plane, but this sure did get our attention!

Did you know that insightful information like this can be found at Skin NV at any time? We love chatting about beauty and health for the skin and we would be glad to assist you with our knowledge and expertise on any questions you have. There is nothing better than knowing how to take care of yourself and we believe you should. Call us at 813.839.4141 today to find out about all the unique treatments we have for you.


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