A Beautiful Reality Check.

After starting my Friday morning off with my usual run, shower and French vanilla coffee, I had high hopes for the day. Knowing that I had made a new client consult appointment at Skin NV with Kaisa had me excited and ready to learn more about the world of medical skin care services.

Upon arriving, I was greeted by a friendly face. Lindsey, the office manager, had anticipated my appointment and shortly after Kaisa, my designated medical aesthetician, came swooping in like an angel with bright glowing skin.


My Skin Diagnosis

With no time wasted I was shown the room where my diagnosis would take place. With high tech computers, cameras and other face enhancing machines I was both nervous and excited about all the potential the room held. I imagined being immediately transformed, from an average-skinned-twenty-two-year-old to a radiant and flawless version of myself.

I first placed my chin and forehead up to a bright white “camera” machine. Although I usually appreciate a good picture and am teased at for always being picture ready, this time was a little different. Adorned in what Kaisa calls “Amish gear” (as pictured left) that is necessary for accurate facial photos. I then sat still and waited for the machine to diagnose my skin. While waiting, several thoughts passed through my head and not one of them lead me to hearing “You have skin better than only 30% of your peers, in regards to sun damage.” I also never dreamt of hearing  that I have the skin of a forty-five year old on my forehead, due to the sun. Within a matter of minutes, what I thought to be an innocent trip to the spa-like service Skin NV provides soon turned into a beautiful reality check.


Me in my "Amish gear" before having my pictures taken.

As you can see (pictured left) I am by no means an outlier in the composition of skin I was given. No cystic acne, no greasy skin, no scars or birthmarks.  I have been single handedly damaging my skin for years. My cute little freckles that my Mom and boyfriend love are actually signs of skin damage that will only get worse with time. So many questions were formulating in my head to ask Kaisa about when, and why, and how. She began to explain each question with animation and thorough knowledge. I slowly became more and more dumbfounded about what I had been doing to my skin.

As timing has it, I came to find all this information out the day before setting sail on a spring break cruise, where careless sunbathing and burning are even more signs of having a grand ol’ time! After having my pictures taken, I knew I would leave Skin NV finding the nearest Target for a floppy hat, bigger sunglasses and a beach scarf to decorate my poor helpless skin for my time at sea.

As the appointment continued, I could not get enough of the fountain of knowledge that Kaisa was so willingly sharing with me. Each product she brought out we discussed and each treatment she gave me was explained systematically. I would always know when to expect “tingles”, and “sensations”, and “aromas”.

All things I thought were true came into question when I found out my daily skin regimen was…well… as dull as the dead skin Kaisa was scraping from my face. I thought having a shower caddy of scrubs, masks and lotions at my disposal meant I was a good keeper of my skin. Come to find my sensitive red undertones disagree with my demanding scrubs, and my pores cry at the application of my moisture depleting facial routine. Moreover, my under-the-skin bumps weren’t due to hormones or hygiene, rather disagreeing topical make-up and shampoos. My poor poor skin.  What had I been doing to myself?


My beautiful skin angel, Kaisa Marshall, Licensed Aesthetician.

Despite all the shocking knowledge I gained from my first Skin NV consult, I didn’t leave feeling taunted or ridiculed like I do at the dentist for not flossing every day. I left knowing that the Skin NV team is excited to help me attain the healthy skin I desire. I felt their passion and love for their careers. I was given many samples of sunscreen, face wash and facial moisturizer to try at home until my next visit. Although my skin had not made any drastic changes after one appointment, I left feeling more radiant.  I now know what I can do to help in the journey of attaining flawless skin, in addition to regular trips to Skin NV.

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